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Economy 4.0 in Europe: Something is Moving

I would emphasize here a very timely prophecy in the Bible commending or Commanding;
 "TODAY Is the day of salvation, if you hear HIS Voice, do not harden your heart as in the days of rebellion. " Hebrews 3:15
I believe that when the Anti-Christ government takes over , all these information and messages about our Lord JESUS CHRIST would be forever deleted and eliminated from all the earth. There is even a verse in the Bible that heeds;
 "People will stagger from sea to sea, and wander from north to east, searching for The WORD of The LORD but they will not find it." Amos 8:12
And also, "Seek the Lord WHILE HE may be found, call upon HIM WHILE HE IS near." Isaiah 55:6-7
"As long as it is day, we must do the works of HIM WHO sent ME. The night comes when no man can work." John 9:4

For decades these times have been foretold in all languages and all forms, through media, street plays, films mainly through the Christian community. Sadly, all the war…

Life is a Process !

It has been another long pause before this update. My GOD has been giving me beautiful thoughts to share ... they were crowded out by the daily errands for so long. This message, however, is relatively essential!
The lesson from The Tree
Do you have a dream that is begging to be realized?  Do you have an immense prayer deep in your heart? Then let me lead you to the lesson that I have learned from this tree in our backyard.   Every year, before springtime, the Italian government environmental officers would come around, to cut short the long leafy branches, not only in our particular backyard but in every community and even main roads (as they sometimes cause serious, if not deadly accidents). So, this backyard tree would practically remain naked for a few months.
Like a farmer's seed buried underground, no one knows its future. Sometimes the way we temporarily appear outwardly, provokes smearing from people who are not aware of a GOD Who holds the finality of the design. Let us no…


Exhibit Museum of Rome

Hi friends I plead the Blood of my Lord JESUS CHRIST to everyone reading this.

This photo here, is an ad that ran for months in every major street of Rome, and in the biggest museum in the historic center of Rome.

I have long intended to 'pen' this piece but was prevented by the many to-do's . And today when I checked the private blog stats, this old post popped up to my face out of nowhere,like an assertion to get it over with.

Now, I'll try to put this in a laid-back mode although this matter is of utmost importance because, considering the oldness of the post referred to above, these recent times, I or we have seen even more manifestations of events and social,technological developments leading to the imminent return of my Lord JESUS CHRIST. This,in no way undermining the important benefits of digitalization to our modern society,but this, in the same plane,there is a battle being waged to win your soul, this is the same battle in the field o…


At this very moment of writing,tensions definitely run high in occasion of Israel's 70th Independence Day celebrations. The other equally important factor that makes this event extra delicate and special, is the inauguration of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem where they have set-up flags commemorating the political and friendly ties between America and Israel. Understably, there's a maximum level of alert in consideration of the massive attendance of people from around the world, including the political dignitaries and international media. 
If you know the breath-taking history of Israel, you can not, but stand in awe of the thousands of miraculous and divine providences that clearly manifest the hand and heart of GOD towards this people,considered the apple of GOD 's eye. They have in general,birthed, and have carried the story of The GOD that Christians in all the earth,worship. How they have overcome all the impossibilities pronounced against them, by their enemies,namely al…

The Last, the Least and The Lost

"What's in a name? Have you ever wondered just what it is?"
I borrowed and changed a line from the old song from the 80's generation,by Gilbert O'Sullivan "What's in a kiss?" or in this case, "What's in a name?" Let me tell you that it makes a world of a difference to be known by your name, it gives some personal worth to the person. I will link this story to my previous post where I shared that I was born again in 1983 and, since then I never had the proper growth in Christ due church-hopping or changing churches every year or two. Why ? Because, coming from a poor background, I was deprived of self-worth even by my own family. I personified what JESUS loved, the last, the least and the lost all rolled in one. This list is first in the heart of JESUS, and for this reason HE came.

As a baby Christian, I began attending a Southern Baptist fundamentalist church, where I seemed to be invisible, nobody knew me,let alone, my name. L…

Jia's Random Thoughts in 2017

I would start by greeting everyone a very blessed Christmas! I really pray that GOD pours out overflowing blessings to fill every need in your life because HE, our GOD is not only that good but infinitely rich and,above all HE loves you incredibly much.

I wonder if I should apologize for interpreting every image I catch along the way, as if my GOD  drives an encouraging message to strengthen me, and share this thought. You might see these puny, defenseless grasses that everyone of us carelessly trample upon everyday as we go our merry way. It's been created by GOD and however insignificant we think of it, it is there for a reason, maybe to contribute one more ounce of oxygen into the air we breathe or cleanse the air for you and me, as we know that this is one of its purposes. This time though,it is there yet, for one more reason, to send a meaningful message. That is; 'do not worry', the force, the power of GOD is greater than anything that is man-made,as demonstrated by…

I AM THE GOD WHO HEALS YOU (p2, continued)


We were back recently at the hospital not so much for the scheduled regular check-up (after the second open heart surgery last February) but, to write another line about the goodness and wonderful gift of our FATHER  in healing my husband, in our family storybook, to be read, even by those who need to find HIS Love-manifest. This family storybook to be kept here and remembered even beyond this material world. As a person I tend to be reserved and private, I'm not one who frequently posts photos especially of my family, on social media except when it comes to sharing HIS Love. I asked myself several times when I snapped these shots, what's the use of keeping these photos ? Well they tell an incredible story of a hospital ward (cardiology) and ICU full of highly-specialized and  brilliant medical teams, beautiful, extra-ordinary people, who performed their jobs professionally but never once heard anyone mention about GOD, much more the GOD Who heals. On the contrary I onc…