Kari Jobe Takes Rome By Storm! (NoiFestival2023)

November 06, 2023

Noi Festival is a free concert and Christian event that takes place yearly in Italy. In 2022 it was held in Milan Italy. This year it was held in Rome's Palazzo Dello Sport on November 04-05, which was over attended by mainly Christian evangelicals from all parts of Italy. Personally, I (presumably many others learned of it at the last minute) through the ads displayed on various digital screens spread throughout all Rome public areas like the Train stations. Then, as modern technology would have it, it spread also through social media. All the way through the event's overwhelming success.

What happened on November 4: KARI JOBE

On this date Kari Jobe was scheduled to perform, concert starts at 6 p.m. I and my daughter arrived about 10 minutes past 6 p.m. Sad to say, the venue got filled to capacity well way before the scheduled start. We tried to go around the  stadium to find a possible security gap but, to no avail. Security was very tight all around the stadium.  Thankfully, the event administrators had set up a maxi-screen outside the entrance gates for people who weren't able to enter, but due to rains that night,  only a few people remained to watch. I also saw buses that came from  Rome's neighboring provinces, that had to head back just as the concert was starting. 

November 05, 2023: Michael W. Smith

Due to the sad experience  the day before, we decided that  the succeeding day would be the opposite. We set off at 2:30 p.m. (commuting) and arrived at 4:30 p.m. As expected, entry was smooth.  We were seated at a good distance and view of the stage. We also enjoyed the camaraderie among the audience that found ways to defeat the challenge of waiting, clapping, and playing 'waves' in rounds. At one point, in the middle of his performance Michael W. Smith got emotional, and was visibly crying. 
The final but most important part of the event was the altar call by Ptr. Franklin Graham. The crowds poured into the front, in response to his invitation to accept salvation through faith in The Lord JESUS Christ.

So, as was last year, the Italian NoiFestival2023 was such a success and blessing to all who personally experienced it. And we prayerfully expect that  NoiFestival2024 will be even more blessed. See you then! 

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