Nobody's Blushing Anymore!

February 16, 2024


There's a famous saying that goes; "The only thing that's permanent in life is change." Nothing in life is immune to change; technology, beliefs, standards, relationships, principles. And the greatest part of life with which change has perennially bonded is, time.  Times have changed: we have always acknowledged this truth with every generation that comes and goes. And the changes are appalling, particularly in this generation's moral and psychological inclinations. As Pastor Billy Graham once put it; 'People are generally more careful about offending men, than offending GOD.' The things that used to be morally shocking or unacceptable before the internet or digital age, are now, not only normal-but seem to exceed known limits, every time. 

Nobody's blushing anymore at the thought of offending the morality that Christ has instituted for mankind. No one is embarrassed by the blatant perversion. Because time has changed, we can call it an excuse to justify what The Holy Scriptures call an abomination, a sin. We have been accustomed to more nudity in public, moral decay, satanic rituals in music and movies, violence, TV ads that promote homosexuality, trans-genderism, governments being run by corrupt politicians who lack integrity, abortions, LGBTQ,  The world never seem to run out of new things to invent, and sometimes they're done in a spectacular and unprecedented creativeness which leads to popularity. It's mostly how a concept find its way to the heart of the world. Everyone is quick to justify and make an excuse for a  shameless principle, without even considering what The Holy Bible says. Now, we are seeing the scary aftermath of tolerating everyone's strong opinion- based on personal experiences. We listen to many, many awe-inspiring, touching stories of triumph and we think that we could build our future on others' experiences. 

Make it Simple

We all, as humans, will always be limited as long as sin exists. The day will come, and to say the least, it's almost at our doorstep, when we all will step into immortality whether to damnation or to redemption. In the meantime technological or digital advancements benefit our health, robots are acceptable as long as there is a tight regulation and monitoring of scientific activities.  All changes are welcome but it is up to you and me to decide what changes are beneficial for us. We are free moral agents that have been given the right to choose for our own. The simplest and most important choice anyone can take (or make) is the gift of salvation by The GOD Who made HIMSELF a man for us to be able to enjoy Life as HE intended it. HE makes Life simple, but more Abundant.

The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life, and have it More Abundantly.  
john 10:10

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