What Are They Screaming?

June 16, 2023

Thankfully good times are ahead, also weather-wise. Summer 2023 is decisively making itself felt. Spring is slowly creeping out unawares, flowers and plants, and colors in full scented bloom! But what are these (snap images of) young Calla Lily buds trying to scream at their admirers. These buds are actually sprouting out of a dead and dried up Calla Lily flower, that has endured the cold, the rain, the dirt and the dust, insects and all environmental pollutants. They are screaming hope, tangible re-birth, more, beautiful blessings will surely be born - out of the ugly, seemingly dead and hopeless situation. The future may not seem bright at the moment, the moment may be daunting, troublesome, but nature by design always dictates re-birth, re-growth, renewal to a better life and future. For sure. All nature declares the glory of GOD, our Creator, down here on earth and out there where stars hang between the world and the heavens. Declares or better yet, screams the goodness of GOD. They are screaming hope, keep the faith, HIS Everlasting Love and Amazing Grace, everyday. 
It is so beautiful and so is your future. 

The Spirit of GOD Who raised JESUS from the dead, lives in you.

rom 6:10


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