Medical Appointment:Pointers

September 02, 2009

Health has always been an important issue both on national level and personal,more particularly these days when new viruses and diseases are being discovered.It's becoming a normal procedure for almost everybody (everywhere) to have a regular medical check-up.
Here are some useful pointers one should keep in mind when visiting the doctor for medical check-up.

1. Bring all your medications to your doctor,if you can't physically bring them, you may write them down so as to avoid double prescription or, the event wherein another doctor prescribes you the same generic medicine that you might be already taking.

2. Doctors in this modern era now use electronic medical record but even then, this supposedly high technology can only go as far as the input entered.And these inputs are supplied by the patient,you should inform your doctor of any surgeries you had in the past, or any medical problems you had, or if you're still seeing another physician for another treatment.

3. Most of us, reserve relevant and legitimate curiosities or questions but they somehow get crowded out by other things once we get on with the actual visit.A good doctor will always be available to answer whatever concerns you may have,but even then, you should consider that he/she also has other patients waiting after you, so you'll do well to list down and prioritize your questions so as to be able to maximize your visit. Keep in mind that the doctor himself will eventually ask you medical questions.

4. Bring somebody or a second person with you. Sometimes one can't remember all the important things that need to be done so it helps to have a friend or somebody, remind you.If you can't take down notes during the visit, have this company write them down for you

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