THE Only MAN-MADE Token in Heaven!

February 26, 2024

"Just Because YOU Love me." 

This is categorically an unparalleled and unprecedented declaration any human can make, it can only be acknowledged where heaven is concerned. It's too powerful in that it connects heaven to earth, you to HIM.  Try as I may, I can never wrap my human brain around this truth. 

Considering all that is happening around us, the wars, the plagues, crises, moral decay of society; all prophetic precursors to our Lord JESUS' return to the earth that HE HIMSELF, created. Above all, for HIS children. There is no way anyone can exactly explain HIS Love, HIS Grace (unmerited favor), HIS Power, HIS Wisdom, HIS Patience and, goodness . . .  it is something that frustrates pride. We, as humans are, by nature proud.  

Let me invite you to a moment of reflection when all earthly existence as we know it, will be over.  Either you will find yourself here or there, with HIM or without HIM. Let's consider being in heaven with HIM, and all sufferings and degradations will just be earthly memories.  You will be your real, perfect, and, immortal self. Just perfect as Christ has intended you to be for all eternity. I can almost choke on parking my brain along this thought; you are absolutely perfect, as HIS Love has conceived you.  But look at HIS Hands, when HE dries your tears, when HE touches your face, look at HIS Hands. They literally bear the marks of the cross, The Only Man-Made Token in heaven. HE took the marks of The cross on HIS Hands, forever in heaven, if you choose to be with HIM. You will witness the tangible but incomprehensible Love that literally crosses all known boundaries, universes, from earth to heaven.    

Just Because HE Loves you.

No merit on our part, as The scriptures declare HE gave salvation voluntarily, it cost HIM, HIS Only Begotten SON, HIS Sacrifice to redeem you and me.  HE did it while we were in our sin,  living our carefree lives, not even looking for HIM. Salvation. HE did it!   He didn't wait for us to clean-up our acts. Or to change our sinful ways.

"While we were yet (still) sinners, Christ died for us."     rom 5:8

Just Because HE loves me, HE IS returning to take me home with HIM to enjoy Life with HIM forever. I won't go alone. You will never be alone. HE HAS NEVER LEFT US ONE MILLI-SECOND. HE IS AS REAL AS YOUR OWN BREATH. HE IS IN YOU IF YOU LET HIM IN YOUR HEART.

And one shall say to HIM, what are these wounds in YOUR Hands? Then HE shall answer, "Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends."

zech 13:6

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