January 27, 2024


Remember, not so many years ago, when cars were so traditional, they ran on gasoline and full manual mode? When majority of the world's population made a living by working traditional jobs, and getting their pay on envelopes and payslips?
Well, that era has just expired with the emergence of the ever-updating technology called Artificial Intelligence. It has invariably invaded almost every area of civilized society, mainly the industrial sector. And there seems to be absolutely no ceasing on progress and a continuous divorce from everything traditional.

                                                    Automobile Industry

The first automobile was born in France in 1769, as a brainchild of Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot. The first vehicle was powered by steam engine. Flash to two and a half centuries forward, today unmanned or driver-less cars, and unmanned cars are becoming more and more prevalent in many major cities in the world. Not only do automobiles or vehicles, do away from traditional fuel like gasoline, they also run on electricity or battery, leading many energy providers and companies to a distressed predicament. With the emergence of automatic or electric cars, drivers have less to worry about, as electric or automatic cars, can drive, park and almost independently run on its own. China has started using this AI driven vehicles mainly on industrial sectors.

Consider if there is an internet connection lapse, or satellite system issues.
Internal system error
Absence of electricity
Human error (including elderly people, or non tech-savvy drivers)


Cleaner air, little or no air pollution
Easier and quicker mobilization
Cheaper energy, less financial expenses 

Over all, we can state that AI has numerous benefits to generation Z era, including in social media which, integrated with online business can bring in enormous financial profits. We are also witnessing social media and digital technology even out the status between long-time professional social figures or celebrities, with that of common people-turned-"influencers". Now, ordinary people have equal access to fame and fortune, which before were only reserved to those with political or powerful media connections.
But, the phenomenon of ordinary people getting overnight success, including of financial kind-thanks to rich social media following, generally must or have to share or sell their privacy, (given that they earn from it). They normally film or share private and mundane happenings of everyday life, which is the thriving force of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is driving humankind to the edge of traditional standards as we  know it. 

Even in financial investment schemes, where money is being replaced by virtual money, or bitcoins and the like, people have become instant millionaires in this crypto currency environment, with the integration of AI technology. 

It could not be discounted if there is no price to pay in the end, but the down-payment has been paid (personal privacy). In this particular generation, where personal privacy has become an integral political and social issue worldwide, it seems that Artificial Intelligence is slowly but surely conquering more of our personal relationships, to justify a digitally-driven, less affectionate lifestyle.   

"But you Daniel, keep this prophecy a secret; seal up the book until the time of the end, when many will rush here and there, and knowledge will increase."   
 Daniel 12:4

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