February 04, 2024


Over a week ago, while preparing my lesson with a six-year old Italian boy, I needed to download images and quiz sheets from the internet, as a part of the games and quizzes that I play with  very young or little kids in our online lessons. I also usually download diverse kinds of short videos, PDF image sheets and kiddie songs, to be used for my students with varying levels of English skills, and most services are free if you have the time and patience to browse through each related link. As it is, I am not new to downloading diverse documents from internet.

But that particular time, just the last week of January 2024, in a hurry I was preparing the lesson about twenty or fifteen minutes before the lesson start, with a myriad of personal tasks I had to complete here and there, I ended up with so little time to prepare my lesson for this adorable young boy. And so I downloaded the needed PDF images and edited them through  PDFGuru.com  . The cost was supposed to be .99 cents per document which I really didn't mind paying, due to the rush I was in. But, the error on my part was,  overlooking the option of a pending automatic subscription which must be cancelled within seven days. As a result I was surprised to receive a message from my bank that I had been debited Eur 49.99 by this service. So in frustration I quickly e-mailed and demanded them to refund me the money. Someone told me it was a hopeless case and this is the usual online scam that people fall prey to without the possibility of recovering the money, which I reluctantly believed. Even my own daughter was scammed of the same amount, online, and never recovered the money. 
Cut the story short, it took only two angry demand e-mails before the prompt refund came within 24 hours. The reply for the cancellation of (automatic) subscription was cancelled and, the refund process was done. I thanked them for being kind, in spite of my angry demand for refund. 

But the greatest factor, is Prayer. Yes, I prayed and prayed and prayed, that The LORD would talk to the hearts of the people in-charge of this internet service. And as my Lord JESUS Lives, HE answered and that is the reason for the title of this blog.

So yes, I will still go back and use and, even recommend PDFGuru.com to users who need to edit PDF documents. They have integrity and sincerity in their service. It was so easy and fast to edit the PDF documents through PDFGuru.com. But as users, we should be very careful before clicking any buttons, so as not to get-into automatic subscription issues.  PDFGuru.com  offers varied document editing services at an affordable cost, and they are both important and beneficial to many online or office workers/users, 

And we know that all things work together for good to them who love GOD, to them who are called according to HIS purpose.                                                                                                                              Rom.8:28

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