July 20, 2018

The Future of The Human Specie

Exhibit Museum of Rome

Hi friends I plead the Blood of my Lord JESUS CHRIST to everyone reading this.

This photo here, is an ad that ran for months in every major street of Rome, and in the biggest museum in the historic center of Rome.

I have long intended to 'pen' this piece but was prevented by the many to-do's . And today when I checked the private blog stats, this old post popped up to my face out of nowhere,like an assertion to get it over with.

Now, I'll try to put this in a laid-back mode although this matter is of utmost importance because, considering the oldness of the post referred to above, these recent times, I or we have seen even more manifestations of events and social,technological developments leading to the imminent return of my Lord JESUS CHRIST. This,in no way undermining the important benefits of digitalization to our modern society,but this, in the same plane,there is a battle being waged to win your soul, this is the same battle in the field of technology,the pros and cons,the good and bad,the negative and positive,downside and upside for the soul of man. To confirm this fact,all you need to do is watch the TV news (mainly,Tv ads) and films (robots,super/hybrid humans,cyborg,bionic)the trends generally highlight, the hybrid technology, you can see it also on cars make or brands, ultimately, man, in a godless quest to immortality foolishly dares to challenge or question its Eternal, natural Creator. In this highly (mis) informed(?)  youtube generation, I beg to suggest the readers,to circumspectly search the internet motor engines to realize the tangibility of abomination on course, cloning, hybrid mix of animals and the human specie . .

As it is, the world is leading to dangerous times and we are living in an exciting time where we are seeing Biblical prophecies literally unfold before our eyes. The Lord JESUS said, when he was asked of the times before HIS coming "For then,there will be a great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time,no,nor ever shall be." Matthew 24:21

Continuing in the same breath of Matthew 24:21 " But as the days of Noah were,so is the coming of the Son of Man." We know, from intelligent Biblical research that there were giants (result the union between fallen angels and daughters o f men;Nephilim, Bible Reference: Genesis 6:14)

Digitalization: The mark of the beast implanted on the forehead(hairline) or back of the hand, these are the two parts of the human body where the temperature is most frequent to change,as recently   explained by a Bio-technical Engineer involved in chip implants.

These modernization events have all been foretold in the Bible.

Environmental upheavals. earthquakes, tsunami, twisters etc.

Is it goodbye to natural affection or family?

This is a moving true story of a handicapped young girl,who had never walked before, can you see her father's tears of joy at this technological possibility to change her life? Her story was featured on Italian TV,after which an anonymous lady donated Euro 150 K (Euro 30 K was consequently coontributed by the manufacturing company) to provide her this device  If a limited human father can rejoice like this, or love like this,how much more our Heavenly FATHER?

Here's another video of a famous italian couple,she joined the internationally syndicated reality TV Famous Island which kept her away from her family for more or less two months. She was given a surprise visit by her husband and so, here we witness a touching affectionate kiss between her and her husband!
And so, clearly our world is getting down to its conclusion, which leads me to invite you. 

If you want to know my Lord JESUS and be assured of your life here, and in the hereafter, I invite you to pray the power (Prayer) of salvation. When you do, HE promised that HE will never leave you nor abandon you. Hebrews 13:5

I also invite you to leave a comment so I would know that the Lord JESUS is using these articles to bless HIS beloved children. And please follow my Facebook Inspirational page: ThankYOULORD.
GOD BLESS us all Tremendously in JESUS Name Amen !

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