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Habits That Make My Day

 Today my family stayed at home but we were supposed to worship at church today.Nevertheless, I firmly believe that my GOD doesn't judge my shortcomings on the contrary He has compensated for them.I know that He has seen my lifetime with all its ups and downs and I know that HIS appropriation is not to be abused.A loving father who will never forsake or leave me no matter what.This much I learned from teachers and Pastors like Andrew and Joyce Meyer. I have come to know the LORD so much better by their teachings.
Today I want to focus this blog to Matthew 24:21 (Whole Chapter)
For then shall be great tribulation,
such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. 
I have blogged about the coming adulteration between human and beastly species, and even computerization of human mind. I hope to have aroused interests especially of the unbelievers or non-Christians. We are seeing many present-day developments gear toward this biblical prophecy. We are seeing an extremely secularized society bent on eliminating GOD,and smearing the Christian followers, which are signs of the latter days.There's a lot of techonological,medical and biological advancements that direct to the fulfillment of this tragic bible prohecy,things that most of us never expected or imagined before but are now are a reality in our generation.Inspite of all the warning signs, I believe nothing will change the heart of individuals except the preaching and practice of GOD's  love as our Lord JESUS exemplified. No debate or scare tactics. But my heart's passion is for people to come to know my GOD Who proved HIS love by dying on the cross to pay for the sins that humanity owed through Adam. It is a great love incomparable to nothing,and with it GOD is able to let HIS blessings and grace flow through our life.I thank and Praise GOD for HIS mercy and love to us,which did not remain in words only,but also in deed.
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Sam D. said…
My brother's friend who's a priest told me it's not a sin to skip time going to Church as long as you don't forget to worship him its and you can do it at home. Surely, he's gonna understand you because it’s your family you spent the day with.
ICoR said…
@ Sam D. Thanks so much for your kindness. GOD BLESS your entire family Tremendously ! JIA
Harun Ar said…
Hmm........., kita harus selalu memuji Tuhan.
Nice post... sangat menarik

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