Life is a Process !

March 30, 2019

After winter, the government environmental office would cut certain trees as part of maintenance works, as the branches usually become full of leaves, spread out, and reach so close to residence windows.

In a matter of a few months,the twigs and the sprouts started to shoot out! GOD 's design in nature and our life!We have a good, good FATHER!

It has been another long pause before this update. My GOD has been giving me beautiful thoughts to share ... they were crowded out by the daily errands for so long. This message, however, is relatively essential!

      The lesson from The Tree

Do you have a dream that is begging to be realized?  Do you have an immense prayer deep in your heart? Then let me lead you to the lesson that I have learned from this tree in our backyard. 
 Every year, before springtime, the Italian government environmental officers would come around, to cut short the long leafy branches, not only in our particular backyard but in every community and even main roads (as they sometimes cause serious, if not deadly accidents). So, this backyard tree would practically remain naked for a few months.
Like a farmer's seed buried underground, no one knows its future. Sometimes the way we temporarily appear outwardly, provokes smearing from people who are not aware of a GOD Who holds the finality of the design. Let us not let outward circumstances and criticisms distract us from HIM Who deals with each of us personally. I personally, attest that my relationship first is with my FATHER then, or Who helps me deal better with every situation. Every sliver of wind-gust, every microscopic growth, every little change is all hidden from our naked eyes. All processes are kept in HIS Loving Wisdom. A good end. Eventually, and surely, we will see the answer to our heart's desires, after the process has been completed. Just like this same tree, you will see the shoots, the twigs then, the sprouts-until it is again full-blown reaching out in all directions, with towering prominence!  One victory after another, in every step of the way. The suffering might have been deep or painful, but the lesson that strengthens our faith would shine more gloriously. Have faith in the GOD Who did not hesitate to give up HIS Only Begotten SON, to save you. HE will never leave you, nor forsake you.  (Hebrews 13:5)

Everyone goes through different challenges or processes, some of which, could stop us right on our life tracks and, even when we are unknowingly, so close to our destiny. We need to remain in faith.

 I, personally have learned that every prayer, every dream is a gift deposited in your heart, that must undergo a precious process before its manifestation. I have realized this in many different ways in my own personal life, too many times! Yet, I realize that learning is a perpetual hashtag for every human conscious of his or her life journey. Now, it's the same question I would ask, and this time, I pray that the answer you find in your heart will help you to believe, against or even, beyond the outward or physical appearances.  Do you have a dream? Do you have a prayer in your heart? May our hearts grasp the lesson being extended by this tree. GOD loves you Tremendously!

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