August 13, 2017

One of the things that can never be explained or comprehended by any human being (besides the Truth of the Holy Trinity or TriUne GOD); is this single act by JESUS CHRIST, Who testified that we have a Loving FATHER WHO IS in heaven, WHO created all the universes,stars,planets including this beautiful earth we live in,with all the nature and animals of all species; HIS Life (on earth,33 1/2 years), Death and Resurrection.

The angels, spirits, the heavens where The FATHER,The SON and The HOLY SPIRIT dwell. Well, even if I don't see with my physical eyes heaven, or JESUS or the more spiritual things .  . . I know that many of us are in the same predicament or, mentality of  "to see is to believe" . 

Which explains why Faith is so beautiful, that our LORD JESUS CHRIST takes us by the hand and teaches us to believe the things which are not seen. Like our FATHER, Loving FATHER, All-Powerful GOD and Creator of all things. The heaven, HIS angels ever ready to help us,according to HIS will and command. HIS blessings, joy, peace,health,provisions of all forms, protection,healing and Love.

But now this JESUS CHRIST, has forever  removed or destroyed any excuse for not believing because, HE fulfilled every single prophesy about HIMSELF and GOD.

Another thing that is impossible for me to understand is HIS condescending Love, that HE humbled HIMSELF in Love, HIS Grace (giving undeserved favours to uncaring people) , HIS Mercy , how HE treated HIS disciples considering them like HIS children even in their frailty,in betrayal,in abandonment,in their doubts,in their unbelief,in their pride and arrogance . . .in all of these I confess my guilt. And HE IS so gracious to put all of our shortcomings aside and draw us to HIMSELF in uncomprehensible Love.

How can one love this much? An all-powerful, All-knowing GOD-CREATOR, humbling HIMSELF and taking the form of a finite human body, lived with us on this earth HE created, along with all the cosmos, galaxies and universes  . . ..it had been impossible for me to wrap my mind around this Truth. Not in this life nor, beyond. To suffer and die, and rise again to redeem for us the things we lost, through the first man's fall (who is Adam). Our closeness and relationship with our GOD, now FATHER, our peace and everything that HE reserves for us, as HIS Own beloved.

If you can find an excuse to turn away from the love of a Loving FATHER with HIS hands extended to you in everlasting, incomprehensible Love, through our Lord JESUS CHRIST, then there is nothing more I can share to you. Just this. This is the reason for this blog. The reason for my life, is to know HIM more. GOD IS LOVE, INDEED.

If you want to invite HIM into your life,as I did, 35 years ago, you can pray a simple prayer, asking HIM to forgive all your sins, and invite HIM to enter into your heart and be your own personal LORD and Saviour. HE LOVES YOU, INDEED!


I John 4:8,  I John 4:16

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