I AM The GOD Who Heals You

July 30, 2017

I AM The GOD Who Heals You.
Exodus 15:26

This has got to be the scariest but by the same token, the most powerful chapter of my life demonstrating our Heavenly FATHER's Amazing Grace and Love.

Feb. 24 this year, my husband Adrian had the second open-heart surgery to replace the defective mechanical mitral valve that was placed on him almost three years prior,which was his first open-heart operation.

The days that followed were such of 'seemingly endless' agony, very strong mental and emotional torment which were extremely fiery darts from the devil.  (Above all taking the shield of faith,wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the devil. Ephesians 6:16)

It wasn't a single dart or mental attack and I wish it was, they were 'darts',  and they weren't even simple darts. They were fiery in the most extreme sense that lasted almost seven months, that had not my GOD upheld me in the inside I wouldn't be here 'penning' this , to testify of HIS faithfulness to HIS WORD. HIS Love. HIS Grace. And until now, I'm learning to clutch with all my strength to HIM. To abide by HIM, HIS WORD.

(I didn't have the courage to take his photo up-close because of how painful his appearance was.He stayed in the Intensive care unit for about three months.)

I confess, it had not been easy to stand my ground in the face of opposing physical sights.

My husband, after the third open chest surgery in less than a month, felt like giving up. And indeed, I know he has a story that he has died, as he recounted about floating above his body, and the medical staff in the ICU treating him.

That time, each day, questions and pain filled my mind, anxiety and depression for what seemed an eternity.

Where do you run for help? What can you do? What can you say ?

Yes, we know the story of the four hebrew children who were thrown into the fiery furnace heated seven times more. Daniel 3:24-28 . We may go through the fire, we may suffer, against the will of my Loving FATHER, but HE IS With Me, with us.

Barely  a week after they opened him up, the doctors told me and my sister in-law,  that he had internal bleeding and they found a form of embolism and formation in the wound and so operated on him for the second time.

Then, barely a week after this event, they announced again that he developed an infection of the sternum where they previously operated on. So they had to open him up again for the third time and this time though, they left it open for a week , exposing the scary sight of an open chest covered with some sponge that sucked the bacteria that caused that last problem.

 The last operation done on him was to remove the calcium deposits that solidified due to months of intravenous feeding and a host of drug medications,without possibility of drinking or eating orally.

The last cause of his stay in ICU was due to acute bronchitis which left him with barely a thin slice of air, that every single word  he uttered left him gasping for dear breath. He also suffered from Hepatitis. He was pierced (holes) almost everywhere, in both his sides, for drainage, on his neck, on different parts of  both his arms, every week, everytime a surgery was performed on him, he had to be connected to tubes that caused to be unconscious for two straight days, that I also began to question the doctors if it might cause brain damage, not to mention the large amounts of drugs they administered on him. He could not eat nor drink for three months because his vocal cords which were damaged, caused food and liquid intake to be directed to his lungs or heart.

I clung to HIS Faithfulness to HIS WORD, by Which HE established everything. In tears and sleeplessness and depression, anxiety and just about every mental and emotional torture the devil was throwing at me, my/ our Only and constant Deliverer was our Lord JESUS. Although nobody came to visit my husband, but me and my sister in-law and her family and friend, in all the six months he was confined. I don't really mind, as long as my Loving FATHER GOD IS our Stay and HE IS Perpetually with me and our family. This is all that matters to me. Only JESUS. Only my JESUS. Our JESUS.

And my Loving FATHER also used a wonderful family who took care of  my daughter every single day while I was in the hospital with my husband  and, I lift them up ( A. Estioko family) in prayers to our Lord JESUS. They were the most tangible help from my GOD during those times. GOD BLESS them Tremendously, as I would always pray.

I thank our friends, other Christian ministry prayer warriors and churchmates in ICFRome who held Adrian up in their prayers.

Every single time, when the doctors left a question mark on wether he would make it through the infection, or bronchitis, or other issues, I would run to my GOD (where else? who else can overturn this situation?) Then, my Loving Heavenly FATHER delivered my husband from every single attack of the devil to his physical body. There is no other explanation for the physical survival or recovery of my husband but HIS Divine healing. GOD Loves me, as much as HE loves you.
My GOD turned our mourning to dancing. The test into testimony, a mess into a message of HIS Grace, Mercy and Love through our Lord JESUS. Hence, this testimony of our Loving FATHER 'S Amazing Love and Grace! Praise The LORD in JESUS Name Amen!

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