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Cross At The Center of The Universe

This is the actual image at the very center of our universe,found at the core of the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) Not long ago, a certain very young Pastor Louise who himself also, is a NASA/space enthusiast- preached in Spain about the incomprehensible enormity of our universe. It was a very eloquent message,very well explained and accompanied by his own actual visual collections from NASA. He articulately (however hard he tried to..) showed the vastness of GOD (more than that, the vastness of GOD's Love for us) . ...consider, at 60,000 or 70,000 ft. above the sealevel, all structures on earth's surface would hardly be visible through the naked eye, lowfast lamborghinis or ferraris, jetplanes,villas and mansions, the most luxurious malls and most importantly-people would seem inexistent. If you travel farther,beyond our own solar system or even outside our Milky Way galaxy, the Earth would seem to be only a dot.And men, you or me would be insignificant(or seemingly inexistent) size…

My Redeemer Lives:Nicole C. Mullen

Today, we weren't able to attend the church worship.We contented ourselves in watching Christian programming on TV.Thankfully there is an italian version of Christian broadcasting TBNI where today they played this special music video by Nicole C. Mullen
(I couldn't find the original music video on youtube) but here's the equally spectacular performance of the renowned Christian music artist. Although Nicole C. Mullen personally composed this song, all the words of this song are found in the bible (meaning,every context is true literally). Need I elaborate on the Truths that accompany this melody?There is a GOD Who loves me and you.Who Proved HIS love by dying on the cross to pay for my sin and your sin, so that we wouldn't be judged guilty and condemned.
(Why, would you wonder?Even our secular society implements laws that punish the violators/criminals.Even so,there exist heavenly standards)
But how great is this Love? I guess (or definitely!) nobody would ever compreh…

The Ark (L'Arca) Private Beach Resort; Rome

The Ark (L'Arca; in italian) is the name of the private beach resort where we went (it's a common culture for westerners to take their children to the beach for a breathe of the iodine-rich sea breeze,during summers) recommended time for sunbathing is from 8:30am until 11am,beyond this time the sun's rays become harmful to skin health. So, we had to rise-up at 6:30am and take a quick sip of capuccino and biscuits and dress-up and practically drag my little daughter out of her crib. I wrapped her with a thin sheet when we were going out to protect her from the cold morning air. Poor little one, she was only able to take a small croissant after one and a half hours,upon arriving at the beach, after me,putting on cream on her.
I took a brief video of the pre-lunch activity led by the young staff (volunteers) of The Ark (wearing red shirts as uniform with 'staff' printed on the back of the shirt).Apparently these youngsters which come from different italian provinces …

Rome Streets and Sceneries

This is the long road that leads to a residence where I regularly conduct private lessons to 3 beautiful kids. This is Via Rosseou along Nomentana. It is found in the midst of a peaceful minipark overlooking a main highway where many commodity shops sit.Picture no. 1 Shows the rearview of our community church called Santa Assunta which is a few minutes on-foot from our house, and situated just across a supermarket. Adjoined with the church is this spacious sports area catering to the parish youth.Picture no.  2 Shows a picturesque area of a big garden / park where the Rome Zoo is locatedPicture no.  3.  Is the tranquil garden at our backyard where little children usually play and bike around with their parents. I like our peaceful neighbourhood.

A Blessed Birthday

We have celebrated our daughter's third birthday, it has been another milestone in our family life. I know 'milestone' is a big word for a simple and normal human interrelations. But, for one who came from a below-poverty stratum of a third world country, and who has never celebrated and never received birthday gifts as a young child, this indeed is a red-letter day! She received many beautiful gifts from people with whom we celebrated her last 2 birthdays. Alessandro and Elena the newly-wed couple for whose wedding my daughter was a flower girl in white, gave her a complete plastic set of musical instruments trombone,drumset,maraccas and cymbals. I gave her a plastic guitar and her father gave her microphone as she loves to sing. Her beloved Aunt and Uncle gave her a beautiful moving and musical airplane filled with passengers, and their son-inlaw's parents gave her two educational animals books, purple winter jacket and purple long- sleeved dress,her fatherside '…

SEO,Keywords, whatnot

When I started this blog I intended something through which I can make known GOD's Mercy and Might in my personal and family life. Along the (information high-)way, I have learned the different factors that have effect in "blogging" mainly SEO's, keywords and other tools that drive traffic (and therefore, higher revenue s) to the blog publisher. Due to financial motives,I have been tempted to delete entirely this blog and set-up a new format which might draw more traffic, but I remembered the purpose and the pact of this site so I settled emphatically in my mind that come heaven and high waters I must keep on keeping on with this, even though I find it hard to update more often or regularly the posts. As I was watching 'The Embassy of GOD' , I listened to Pastor Sunday Adelaja (of african origin, whose church is the most attended or largest Christian congregation in Ucraine); as he interviewed a certain Pastor Bob (I didn't get the interviewee's last …