The Ark (L'Arca) Private Beach Resort; Rome

August 15, 2009

The Ark (L'Arca; in italian) is the name of the private beach resort where we went (it's a common culture for westerners to take their children to the beach for a breathe of the iodine-rich sea breeze,during summers) recommended time for sunbathing is from 8:30am until 11am,beyond this time the sun's rays become harmful to skin health. So, we had to rise-up at 6:30am and take a quick sip of capuccino and biscuits and dress-up and practically drag my little daughter out of her crib. I wrapped her with a thin sheet when we were going out to protect her from the cold morning air. Poor little one, she was only able to take a small croissant after one and a half hours,upon arriving at the beach, after me,putting on cream on her.
I took a brief video of the pre-lunch activity led by the young staff (volunteers) of The Ark (wearing red shirts as uniform with 'staff' printed on the back of the shirt).Apparently these youngsters which come from different italian provinces (I've heard of one group that came from Montova) are parish youth members, doing some mission particularly for the elderly. They are highly trained and corteous and disciplined and helpful to everyone,young and old alike. They serve the clientele in ways one might not have expected, like putting on cream on the body, assisting older people in swimming on the beach, entertaining the beachgoers with serenades, carrying tables or chairs where needed, assisting with the games (again, for the old and young alike), organizing a dance and beauty contest or simply being available for some small chat and laughs. Apart from the satisfactory personalized customer services, they also serve affordable and very delicious,fresh complete meals.

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