A Blessed Birthday

August 06, 2009

We have celebrated our daughter's third birthday, it has been another milestone in our family life. I know 'milestone' is a big word for a simple and normal human interrelations. But, for one who came from a below-poverty stratum of a third world country, and who has never celebrated and never received birthday gifts as a young child, this indeed is a red-letter day! She received many beautiful gifts from people with whom we celebrated her last 2 birthdays. Alessandro and Elena the newly-wed couple for whose wedding my daughter was a flower girl in white, gave her a complete plastic set of musical instruments trombone,drumset,maraccas and cymbals. I gave her a plastic guitar and her father gave her microphone as she loves to sing. Her beloved Aunt and Uncle gave her a beautiful moving and musical airplane filled with passengers, and their son-inlaw's parents gave her two educational animals books, purple winter jacket and purple long- sleeved dress,her fatherside 'grandmother', having left early to spend her summer vacation outside of Rome, was also the first to give her a white dress which, we were instructed was to be worn on the day of her birthday, Fabrizio and Michele (with their 2-month old liitle baby) gave her a big writingboard with all the different types of coloring (pentel, pastel and crayon). We all enjoyed the momentous night specially the part when she entered on her beloved uncle's arms with her birthday cake and the garden was lit by her birthday candle on the cake while we all sang to her. That night added another joy  to our hearts, we finished at a little past midnight. We went home to our respective addresses, my daughter as soon as she climbed the bed, played some offkey tune on her trombone and slept hugging her plastic trombone which she then played again,immediately upon waking-up,this morning. This day is another blessedj day for our family and I Always Praise my GOD for HIS Goodness and Mercy and Might, through Jesus our Saviour and Lord.

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