April 21, 2021

Full blessings to you, reading this. It is indeed The Truth, there is a GOD, but more than this, HE IS The GOD Who turned HIMSELF into our own FATHER through our Lord JESUS Christ. The following account that you will read is just another, of the millions of testimonies of HIS everlasting grace and love, in healing. GOD IS LOVE. More than this, This GOD IS our Everlasting FATHER.

My husband underwent the first major open heart surgery in 2014, when they implanted a mechanical heart valve into him. Over the course of time, around two years-after a series of regular check-ups, the cardiologist and medical doctors discovered that the mechanical heart valve was defective and consequently they scheduled my husband for the second open heart surgery. He was admitted in January 2017 but it was not until, February 24 that year, that they operated on him. But not one week has passed when they called me to notify that there had been a complication due to internal infection that called for another major operation. Then again, after another week they notified me again informing that he would be opened up again due to the second complication of a lump formation in the area where they operated. Then for the third week, they notified me again of another need  for surgery, or complication due to internal bleeding. This considering, everytime they opened him up, they intubated him, sedated him to sleep for two days, one time- three days, that I told the surgeon that it might affect his brain functions. He couldn't eat for three or four months because the tubes damaged his throat and he could not swallow or drink anything, he was fed intravenously. All necessary medicines, life support, air ventilation kept him alive, three months in all, Intensive Care Unit.

 His kidneys were severely damaged that he was urinating blood, and necessitated additional operation to remove the stones that had developed. He couldn't even move his arms, he was attached to drainages on both sides of his torso, almost all 6 months of his confinement, save a few weeks before his release from the physical rehabilitaion center. Holes were bored on both sides of his neck, his arms and some parts of his body. It was clearly a life and death situation that scared away hope from everyone. 

No one was there, only my husband's twin sister and her husband, twice everyday they would travel for 1 hour (visiting hours, morning and evening), one or two times their adult son, and another time their daughter also visited. 

I value above all the prayers that reached the heart of The Great Physìcian and gracious Healer, by our Pastor Jennifer Pasquale (Rome International Christian Fellowship) who led Wednesday's prayer meetings where they prayed consistently for my husband's healing.

To relate it to the Apostle Peter's situation before his supposed (aborted) execution, the prayers of the saints and apostles moved The Lord, HE sent an angel who miraculously led Peter out of prison. I value the body of Christ, HIS church, HIS hands and feet that perform HIS will on earth.

All these threats and attacks from the enemy may have shaken me, weakened us some. I remember sitting on the chair outside the ICU . . What do I say? how do I pray? Where do we run to hide ? or for help ? Who can help us? The voices outside only discouraged. It was a faith-challenging situation for me, for our family. 

Through all these we learned, GOD honors even a miniscule sliver of faith. We learn that HE IS passionate, HE heals. All of the good gifts that HIS children need, HE freely gives out of immense Love. We learn and we get of HIS goodness and faithfulness through our Lord JESUS Christ.  Conclusion: It is all about HIM.

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