This Little Child-Who Would HAve Thought

December 02, 2009

The daycare school that my child is attending is holding its Christmas party on the 22nd this month.Every parent is requested to participate wether in decorating the mini auditorium, or cooking something or a stage performance. I have resolved initially,as most parents understandably or expectedly did, to take part in the eating and cooking part. But even before signing the commitment papers,the cooking paper was almost filled up and it was such a shame that only 2 parents committed to risk ruining their 'images' and do some act or singing part. To that,one nice mother suggested that I also do some singing or acting . . . If I must do a stage performance,I prefer to spread GOD's Amazing love by singing this very beautiful, timely song entitled 'This Little Child'. And I humbly ask everybody to pray for me,that I may deliver the Message of GOD's Great Love in strongest terms.PRAISEs BE TO GOD.

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