A Prosperous Princess

November 07, 2009

She is a very beautiful baroness,judging from her outward appearance you would opine that she's only 18 or twenty years old because she has the body structure of one,with long flowing,shiny black hair neatly kept back with her signature dark sunglasses.She is a perfect picture of beauty and elegance.But she is 54 years old and has two very beautiful children raised in London England, rubbing elbows with Princes Harry and William and the elite royal society and their acquaintances and friends.She jetsets through Europe{London and here in ROme} and America having residences in those prestigious territories. She doesn't worry about money,she can buy anything she wants.On one particular day, she spent more than a thousand Euros,shopping for signature items {bags,sunglass and silk clothing etc. . .} and her friend restrained her from spending more. Although there is no need for her to work and earn a living,she keeps herself busy by painting as it is her inborn talent. She is in the best shape of life,physically, financially and many other ways. May the LORD my GOD bless us with this kind of financial prosperity,as we Praise HIM for all the rest of the Blessings that HE continually bestows upon our family like HIS Health,Strength Peace Mercy and Grace.In the blood of JESUS CHRIST our GOD And SAVIOUR.Amen.To GOD BE The GLORY.

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