Snow In Rome Center

February 12, 2010

Today is the first time Rome has experienced so much snow- in so many years,I overheard one lady at the bar mention that it last snowed here in Rome in 1987.It also hailed slightly sometime last year or two years ago but just once.In fact some people went as far as greeting each other Merry Christmas,and some barmen and grown-ups abandoned their workplaces and took time to play snowball 'exchange'.I felt very awed and grateful to my LORDGOD again,as just some time ago I was feeling a bit frustrated for not being able to take my child to the snow.Then he took the snow to us.I JUST PRAISE MY LORDGOD.
Today also is another blessed day as I met with Marta my former employer, (amid the white snow) and she gave me additional workload which translates to more income.GOD BLESS US ALL,TREMENDOUSLY.

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