Our Neighborhood

February 14, 2009

The sun came out today Valentine's (Happy Valentine's to all by the way)but the wind is icycold as it was also yesterday. I hope the cold season subsides quickly. I used to love it before because having come from a tropical country I always considered winter as a romantic and peculiar scene. But now I realize it easily takes with it the flu and the like. It's not a particularly friendly season for young children whose immune system is not yet fully developed.
This is the main street adjacent to our apartment and the fleamarket (about only 5 minutes by feet from our house) the fleamarket is facing my daughter's daycare school. So I usually buy some fruits or vegetables and meats after taking her to school, before proceeding to my work.
This morning I saw an elegant pair of blazer and pants at a reasonable price and I was ready keen at buying but they didn't have my size - small (40-42) . Well . . .
The good thing about this neighborhood or particularly in this marketplace is that not once they gave me some vegetables or fruits for free, or they trust me enough(or anybody) if they didn't have change for my money that I would eventually return to pay.

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