Today at work

January 28, 2009

Was experimenting on putting slide, but I have to learn to enhance this site some more.

The first thing I do when I arrive early to school is open the internet and browse through the current events to find relevant interesting topics to discuss as most student prefer to talk (practice conversation). By the way today is a very beautiful day . GOD answered my prayer last night for a sunny day. It's almost like summer already.
Anyway-today I have been overhearing Serafino's lesson with 'my' student Andrew (who, if you should know, is the most perfect student I've ever handled in a sense that aside from being a young version of Tom Cruise-Andrew is taller by the way.His family also runs a construction supply business. So as it is, Serafino behaves differently when teaching, usually with colleagues he's this down-to-earth, almost childish smiling character. But this morning he speaks in a serious and firm voice, confidently leaning on the swivel like a proud CEO.
Today also came Luke III to have a lesson with me which has been an enriching experience for me. He shared more about his life, like he's also very good with sailboats because his parents (mother finnish and father french) bought him a sailboat when he was only ten and he sailed so much with friends, to many italian paradise islands, in this boat. That he plays in a musicband where all the 4 members are half-french. That at seventeen he's already travelled to many countries with the money he earned working as an assistant boat skipper (on summers). After the lesson his young beautiful,blond mother was there waiting for him. My heart goes out for this young boy because he seems to be so fragile and humble, betraying his physical appearance (gothic black impression) I hope GOD's love will really shine through his heart, mind and life.

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