February 15, 2009

This instead is the daylight and night view of our backyard, overlooking the mini park where children usually play ball. Just two weeks ago the environmental maintenance cut the trees again allowing our kitchen with welcome warmth of sunlight.
Anyways today GOD saved the day for me, in sparing me time for cooking and preparing for this new working week. My very, very goodhearted sister-inlaw (with her goodhearted husband) like they always do dropped by to bring us yummy homemade treats (like fettucini pasta, crunchy biscuits, meatballs with all the works and roastmeat) while this morning my daughter's grandmother who lives a few blocks from us called for me to pick up the homemade cake she baked mainly for my daughter (and us, in her side thoughts) Well for me this is a very sweet kiss of GOD for the day. Although we 're not able to attend worship for several sundays now, I know GOD is not condemning us as I understand better HIS love being much more gracious than my love for my own little child. Through the worries that this cold season brings, GOD is by our side to carry us through this challenging phase. It is human to fear but it is worse to remain so. I choose GOD no matter how challenging the events of the day.TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR ALL HIS WONDERFUL WORKS IN OUR LIVES.AMEN.

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