Etcetera II

February 27, 2009

bukku-bukku? en-zhwen? ngo-lieu shushu.This fast french nose/lingual acrobacy is both fascinating and interesting to me. Vincent and Alexandra-and Giusy I learned to like and they're really very nice. There is one new which might challenge my undisputable patience, a french speaking italian girl who I usually catch studying me from head to foot in a blink of an eye.It's OK. I have oblivion for a nickname.

On my way to my morning lesson I deliberately dropped on the street my used bus ticket so as not to confuse with my other tickets (the correct social rule is that I should have thrown it inside the thrash container) After more than one hour, as I was traversing the same way, back I saw this new looking ticket, assuming that it was a new ticket I picked it up (as I was able to find, a few times in the past -an unused ticket on the streets. Then I recognized it was the same ticket I threw earlier. So I kept it.

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