February 25, 2009

- Today is a busy day. The staff is in full force everyone is busy with somebody, in their lesson cubicles.

- Just 5 minutes ago I was eating (an early) lunch with the very young, very beautiful and kind French teacher Alexandra, at 11:30 noon. Italians usually have lunch at 2pm.

- Yesterday I (we) arrived 14 minutes late in fetching our daughter from the daycare school, due to traffic and some rain. Her teachers, strangely didn't make any violent reactions, unlike 2 weeks ago when I arrived ONE minute late. Today they even complimented that she always finishes her plate. This morning I was expecting a harsh reprimand or comment, but they were all heartmelting-ly corteous and smiling.

Another thing that irks her teacher is when I call to ask how everything is going. She has reasons to be offended but sometimes I cant't help acting on mother's instinct.
After taking her to the daycare school I proceeded to my private lessons (tutoring) in the most prestigious residential area of rome Parioli. My student is a very rich jewish media 'littlewig' (and not bigwig) a respectable family man with three adorable kids the youngest-being a 15 month old blond boy. As usual we spent the first ten minutes with a simple advance level english exervises and then we proceeded to discussing a relevant topic (the morality of embryonic stem cell technology) Last time his interest was whet with the issue of immigration and media abuse.
Azzurra jsut passed by where I'm seated(reception area). She's also a very rich interior decorator who has travelled the world and recently invested in a 1000 sqm lot property located just near to the cristal clear blue waters of atlantic beach in Puerto Rico. (Puerto I suppose is the spanish for an 'opening' or port or door and rico means rich. Because Puerto or porta in spanish and italian respectively means door.

MAria (German teacher) just approached here so I asked her how to operate the mp3 with the little speakers-whether or not I have to plug it to electricity.I'm imitating this revolutionary new teaching technique where some teachers here store their lessons or (english songs) in mp3 and they use it with their lessons.

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