Good Customer Service

March 01, 2009

On weekends we usually sleep longer, but today I woke up an hour earlier because I decided to go to church alone, since it's not a so-bright shining day. I prepared and cooked my family's lunch, gave my daughter her vitamins and breakfast, changed her diaper and cleaned her. The off I went.

After church I passed by this nice cosmetics shop Bottega Verde located in the subway underground commercial malls . It's because, last month I bought some beauty products here
mascara, press powder and lipstick. I opted for this brand because their products are based on natural components and natural herbs. And it's light on the skin, unlike the heavy liquid make-ups. On top of all, they are offering their products on 50 % discount at this period. I would have preferred Clinique products which are also skin friendly but they cost more. So when I was paying I found only 20 something (Euros) in my wallet and I was supposed to pay an already 50 % discounted amount of Euro 24. SO I promised to return and give the balance even if I don't know when I could do so. She was very kind to oblige. Being a working mother I rarely have time to do leisure activities nor go elsewhere without considering my packed schedule, even on a Sunday. So here I am after more than one month with a few strict minutes to spare- because this shop is in this subway train station where I happened to pass as I was going to and returning from the church. I approached the sales personnel in green T-shirt which might be visible somehow through this small photo. As sincerely as I explained the reason for this Euro 2.70 that I was giving her, she corteously declined and said everything was OK. I thank GOD for the kind service extended not only to me. Not so much for the Euro 2.70 I got to keep, but for the unusual kindness. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. AMEN.

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