January 27, 2009

Today is a fairly nice day compared to the rest, of this week. Although the sun isn't that consistent in the sense that it doesn't shine with its full splendor like during summer. Some dark clouds also threatened the day but my daughter was able to take advantage of the fresh air and sun outside just for a couple of minutes. Then back home just in time for her lunch after which we put her to sleep (same as her routine in her daycare school) . So I have ample time to log something here. Well last Thursday at the language school, Giusy the new teacher who's an italian returnee after having lived in the US for a longtime( I didn't ask but I assume long enough for her to acquire the american accent) . Last week must have been her 2nd week, but on our first meeting she annoyed\tested me a bit (Seeing that I'm a thirdworld brown 'pango') in that, when I had to substitute in her lesson for a short 15 minutes, she told me that after my 'stint' she will check with the student. When she did return after 15 minutes I had to give her all the mix of english\american accent my tongue could muster to appease her reluctance or doubt. Then Friday it took me by surpirse that she greeted me sweetly even gesturing forward her cheeks to kiss (which is the traditional italian greeting) She commented (as did the others) that I dress rather nicely, which is deliberate habit on my part because we usually have to deal with professionals and educated or 'elegant' people. Otherwise I dress rather lousily to the extent that many who see me stare in a rather strange way but I'm just naturally oblivious of what others think. Another curious happening is that Sabrina and Serafino were xeroxing an article about global warming with a photo of red chilies and they pronounced it like kilis (in italian ch is pronounced as K) so I corrected them that it's pronounced 'tsili' and they looked at each other and doubted with a Very heavy british accent which I always have a problem understanding. Sabrina brought up another word to mean something cold so I said it's also pronounced as (tsili) chilly. They're always nice and sweet and I like them. GOD gives us the grace and gifts of knowledge. I might just add that my GOD is always being so gracious and merciful above all to my daughter, then to the rest of us. So everyday I PRAISE GOD. Amen.

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