April 22, 2008

For many days now my mind is relentless with S.O.S. prayers to my GOD. Today as HE always does, HE came with some pinch of loving hints that HE knows my situation.As it is,we're left with not so many Euromoneys to make last til Adrian's next payday.Which means I have to limit spending to less than 8 Euros\day. (Thankfully we prioritize basic needs like food and necessary commodities, so we have stock at least til month's end). Today is Signora Claudia's 84th GOD BLESS her, after accompanying VIttoria to her daycare school,I took time to greet her over the phone and she said she needed a companion to buy some detergent in the nearby store. So I left my ready breakfast, as she was expecting me to popup at her doorstep in the next minute.So we headed,some chats, some sermon against giving Vittoria food that does not appeal to the italian aste(like Asian food). Then I found out I got a bufferstock of what she was intending to buy so I offered and we made a U-return to the house. As soon as we neared our houses(we're neighbors) she asked to dropby at the grocerystore,she bought for herself some candies of different little dimensions two thin long ones, and 2 normal round candies like those of a child. Then to my surprise she also bought for me 2 cans of tunasalads mix. and some fetuccine pasta.Just as I was contemplating how to budget our budget--) This, to me is GOD's pinching of reminder that HE sees and HE cares. I'm still praying for mountains of money to solve our financial needs but to see, HE Meets us, at the point of our needs. Space and time limits me to share the many instances that my GOD Provided at the breaking point.

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