April 18, 2008

April 21 2008 Mon

We spent another day with Giada (my husband's twin sis) and practically her entire family and beyond-her 2 grown kids Alessandro 27 y.o. and his fiance', and Michela 26, and her husband Fabrizio.Signora Claudia Giada's mother-inlaw and 2 among Giada's bestfriends the couple Roberto and wife Giovanna. At least once a month we get invited at Giada's with these same people. It's always a very pleasant get-together with them, except(rarely like today) for some very petty quarrel over table manners (mine, being an Asian or more particularly -being a Filipino) ,I didnt change plates when it was time for the second course (meat), not wanting for GIada to take care of many plates what with all her guests each changing plates for the entire 5 course meal.(The typical italian meal consists of 5 course or plates-first plate serves pasta or soup, for the second meat or fish main dish. Third is salad, 4th is fruits and last is cakes or sweets. ) So Giada reprimanded me that for the sake of VIttoria (my 20 mo. old daughter) who is seated between us(Giada and me) that I should set an example. The dining table eventually turned into a little family courthouse with Giovanna and her husband Roberto defending or justifying one's liberty to eat as his\her personal culture dictates, just as long as it is within the confines of reasonable etiquette. With me as suddenly a defendant, and my accusers Signora Claudia and Giada. Thankfully it ended with my acquittal. Giovanna gifted VIttoria with a very nice red summerdress, Alessandro baby sunglasses,and Michela-musical camel stufftoy.And when we got home at around 7p , almost as soon as we stepped in the house our neighbors Lela (Antonella,who loves hanging out with us) knocked to give some more toygifts for Vittoria.

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