April 28, 2008

(My sis-inlaw's husband) Although he can be extremely overly fierce and tyrranical with his words (when he's very angry)yet, I've never seen so naive and big heart (espe. for Vittoria) as his and Giada's. They can also be equally extremely and spoilingly loving and sweet to Vittoria.It's like there's a separate very large comparment of cares and love in their hearts that I may never have or understand. They can be so very careful over the miniscule details for the wellbeing of Vittoria (like, we should buy a certain-costly pair of shoes so that her feet will develop well) a thing that I've never been acquainted to or was conscious of,growing up in a thirdworld country, not to mention the poverty mentality I had before. Franco, how he loved Vittoria, even her smallest giggles will not escape his attention and pointing it out at that almost immediately to his wife. Franco, he's like a bank that never runs out of money. Since he retired last January (he's 57yo) even before they have been travelling here and there, east and west.Our house boasts of many souvenirs from Africa, Tunis, Egypt, Marocco and France. The last time 3 weeks ago
he treated his family including his son's fiance and his daughter's husband to a week's stay in Vienna Austria. Upon their return it was our turn to be treated to a 5-day all-expenses paid stay in a very refreshing paradise province of ROme-CHianciano. Yesterday we heard them again planning their next trip this time a cruise-a mediterranean I suppose. Would to GOD that HE would also bless us with financial freedom minus any kind of sickness. Would to GOD that HE would continually prosper Franco's entire family in their health and wealth.

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