Jia's Random Thoughts in 2017

December 21, 2017

I would start by greeting everyone a very blessed Christmas! I really pray that GOD pours out overflowing blessings to fill every need in your life because HE, our GOD is not only that good but infinitely rich and,above all HE loves you incredibly much.

I wonder if I should apologize for interpreting every image I catch along the way, as if my GOD  drives an encouraging message to strengthen me, and share this thought. You might see these puny, defenseless grasses that everyone of us carelessly trample upon everyday as we go our merry way. It's been created by GOD and however insignificant we think of it, it is there for a reason, maybe to contribute one more ounce of oxygen into the air we breathe or cleanse the air for you and me, as we know that this is one of its purposes. This time though,it is there yet, for one more reason, to send a meaningful message. That is; 'do not worry', the force, the power of GOD is greater than anything that is man-made,as demonstrated by this tiny green plants that thrive, that have the strength and power to persist through the man-made concrete walkway. The good thing is, natural creation corresponds to the lifespan of this material earth as Genesis 8:22 testifies; 'seedtime and harvest' will last as long as the earth. There will always be hope and new, fresh life even through and out of, narrow, dirty and ugly appearances, HIS glory inevitably must rise above everything. "At the name of JESUS every knee should bow, in heaven, on earth and under the earth." Philippians 2:10  and correspondingly in Isaiah 45:23 
Life will surge again in any area you dare ask GOD for,you will be delivered just like these puny,seemingly insignificant, powerless plants, you will thrive by the authority of JESUS!

Like this mutilated, abandoned ugly tree growing out of the concrete or asphalt  pavement near my daughter's school. I would sometimes see trees that apparently have died, where there used to be only dead leaves or no leaves at all. But like a miracle, after a season, I would see budding leaves, sprouts, persisting, thriving, growing unmindful of the seeming obstructions against it.  GOD designed life and nature this way.To have pre-eminence over material world. May I take one more care off your mind ..which makes your life?
365 times in the Bible this context was reiterated for you and me by our loving GOD. Here JESUS HIMSELF commanded;  Do not worry about your life,what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear."  Matthew 6:25 -34. It won't be easy not to worry, but tell your mind this truth,your mind must follow JESUS.

And GOD is able to make you fresh again, grow again, strong again, flourishing,towering like this beautiful autumn tree.

And since when, can a dying or dead leaf , leave or form a loving message in its deplorable state? Can you see the wooden cross that cut though the heart-shaped hole of emptiness in the center? Can you see the message of love? Can you see HIS heart? This love came down to earth where it laid. I've seen it.

And HE really loves you, for the sake of those who don't know yet, this love has been demonstrated by JESUS' birth , suffering, death and resurrection. HE is mighty proud of you just like this human father, when somebody complimented a boy performing as a beatboxer in a world renown choir from Lee University  Voices of Lee. Can you see how proud HE is? For me it reflects the joy of our Heavenly FATHER over you, over each of us. In the same manner we see in Job 1:8 GOD is mighty proud of HIS servant Job, in a divine sense. HE really loves you as if you are HIS only son or daughter. I believe this and I feel this. I know that HIS love is inexhaustible and so vast that HE can love everyone so much. HE is every ion (if HE per chance, ever consists of one) hydrogen-bomb explosion of love. Actually there is no way to express HIM,as Love. But maybe we can multiply this fleshly father's love for his beatboxing son, a thrillion, a zillion times and it won't even come close to GOD's one ion of love. HE loves you so much. HE's waiting to hear your voice in prayer.

 HE is everything you will ever need in your life. HE is your Loving FATHER Who is in heaven, but HE isn't satisfied to stay up there, HE indwells each of HIS children. HE wants to be in you, never leave you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6).
Do you need healing in any area? Be it financial, physical or relationships? HE is your healer. (Exodus 15:26) or Help in anything ? GOD loves you. This is the foremost reason of this life.
Merry Christmas and GOD BLESS you Tremendously!

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