God Answers! Merry Christmas!

December 15, 2016

Upon a hospital check-up and seeing sick elderly men on wheelchair with long but hypnotized blank faces,and next to them ,a middle-aged pregnant woman calmly conversing with the vibrant lady cardiologist in her 60s who seems to be more enthusiastic about the baby,than the mom herself
A curiosity came to me as I witnessed this scenario.Does the love of GOD,grow less as we age,compared to the much-awaited and loved unborn baby inside this mother's womb? We generally love babies,I think because they're void of pride,envy and vanity and the like. There's just the Creator's full and endless potential waiting to be written in their new and fresh life. Obviously, GOD's incomprehensible love never varies depending on the person's color,age or substance. HE only sees HIS children;as my JESUS has proclaimed "How Often I have longed to gather you .. as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings." Matt. 23:37
Much like a mother delights a ton in cuddling passionately with her children.Even today,and every time  a question comes to mind,as sure as the rising of the sun,HIS answer will always come.We only have to shut away the distractions of the world,for HIS Still,Small Voice to be heard louder in our hearts.Like the morning,after my prayer,a time that I spend trying to know more intimately This GOD Who gave HIS Only Begotten SON to die and pay my sin-debt.HE knows this desire,and sure enough,HIS answer didn't disappoint. After taking my daughter to school and was headed for the day's errands,I dropped by a coffee-bar for a cappuccino and I was amazed that a hip bar-lounge that hosts mainly liquor-based drinks to younger Italian clientele,would play a youth-oriented evangelical Christian music. GOD played the song "How HE loves us" for me,yes,as I ordered cappuccino.Followed by "Amazing Grace:Broken Vessels". To this, I expressed my delight to the beautiful bartender and told her this is my morning routine music.Then she called her cute co-worker who eventually asked about the church I'm attending,the area and the exact address,it's just good that I always have on-hand our Pastors' 'business cards' for eventualities like this. So I handed it to him and even without invitation,he smilingly volunteered to come. He's into rap music. So,way to go for young gen Christians! After this, I proceeded to a branch of a major Italian chain of department stores OVS to buy a shirt for my daughter, and guess what they're playing? "JESUS" and "Christmas". They also play Christian evangelical songs in their other main downtown branches. Lastly,this same day GOD showed me a purely white dove,but I wasn't able to snap its photo as I was on a packed running bus.
As it is,in the first and original language that GOD used to talk to man,which is Hebrew,there's no such thing as a 'coincidence'. And surely,all these GODwinks don't identify as so.
GOD Answers whatever you want to ask HIM because HE loves you and This Sure,and Everlasting Love has no less than JESUS' Holy Blood as The Seal of Guarantee.You can,not only take it to the bank,but much more than that,you can take it to GOD and heaven. Merry Christmas my friend and that GOD's tangible love be constantly strong in you;the essence of Christmas.

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