July 22, 2015

We've all heard of top Hollywood celebrities that sell their souls in exchange for fame and fortune.Surely there are also first world politicians that do the same. But have you ever heard of businessmen that do the same? Here are the 41 top multi-national companies(source @DougRay) that support Planned Parenthood,an organization intensely bent on killing babies(children) , which according to The WORD of GOD in Psalms 127:3-5 , are GOD's legacy or heritage to man. Now I would prefer to not support their products or services,and here's hoping to find a godly alternative. Well, GOD has released me from addiction to Coca-Cola as I now drink a healthier,All-natural coffee beverage based on the red mushroom specie called DXN Ganoderma. As for the rest of the companies in the list, I hardly use their products except maybe for microsoft but for personal or healthcare products DXN Ganoderma provides my family with its Very Powerful and All-Natural products. So, I can only say GOD help us in JESUS' Name amen!

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