June 09, 2015

Pause and think about it once...

Posted by The Well Diggers on Monday, June 8, 2015
I chanced upon this interesting video, on browsing thru my facebook page. I felt it needs to spread outside of my (or others') facebook pages. As it is, it seems to perfectly coincide with the Christian Bible Prophecies and the present-day environmental and social events. There is an allegory in the Bible about Noah who sent a warning about a coming great flood that would engulf and annihilate people but they just ignored his warning because up to that time they hadn't seen a flood, or let alone, rain. All the prophecies in the Bible have been accurate to the dot, (even if it took a long time before they came to pass). Just like this (our generation) hasn't seen the terrible prophecies spoken of by Jesus and in the Bible, which will drive strong men, rich and poor to plead for the rocks to cover them (Revelation 6:16). Simply put, I believe the Bible just because our LORD JESUS CHRIST rose again from the dead JUST AS HE PROMISED. And with my faith in HIM, come all the rich, abundant blessings tied to HIS PROMISE (Ephesians 3:20 HE is able to do Exceeding Abundantly Above that which we ask or think). So I ask the readers what is stopping you from receiving HIM and All the good things HE wants to give us like healing, health, divine protection, material and spiritual blessings like peace joy ? Could it be John 12:40 (he/devil has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts) ? John 3:16 declares GOD so loved (How deep the Father's Love for) the world (us) that HE gave HIS only Begotten SON that whoever believes in HIM should not perish but have everlasting life'. Would you take GOD'S side of LOVE? All you have to do is to ask for forgiveness and accept JESUS into your heart, When you do JESUS will come into your heart and dwell there forever, to accompany and guide you in life. This is what being born-again means, as we were born in the flesh ,so also our spirit needs to be born or what JESUS referred to as the second birth. For no one can make a decision for you, nor can you decide in behalf of your loved one. This free will is an individual gift from the Father. Finally, I want to share a true story which happened here in Rome just a few days ago. An ordinary young mother of two young children went to work in the morning, just as she used to do for the rest of her 20 working years. But nobody knew that, that particular day she would be ran-over by a reckless car driven by drug-addicts being chased by Rome police authorities, as she waited at the bus-stop unmindful of any dangers. And then a second young mother's death followed,tied to that same reckless car and many serious injuries . ..don't tell me you're young and strong or wealthy. Anything can happen in a snap of a minute, and life (if you still have it) can change forever. No one knows what's in store for the future, but it's only wise to be with the ONE Who holds it,entrust your future to the ONE Who 'created' Eternity and The ONE Who truly loves you. Pray the prayer of repentance and accept HIM into your heart Now,and you will be saved. And follow Christian evangelical teachings to help you grow in your new walk with our LORD JESUS CHRIST. PRAISE THE LORD. GOD BLESS us all Tremendously.

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