Sermon on Faith by Ptr. Michael Hopkins of ICF Rome

December 01, 2011

I 'm happy to have been able to attend 'mass' last Sunday with my family.Besides the very special debut celebration of Cristina,the message on faith by our brilliant Pastor Michael Hopkins (from Missouri USA) It has been another very meaningful Sunday for me as we couldn't attend church as often as we would like due to different reasons. But thankfully this last Sunday filled us spiritually and physically .We had a rich fellowship with our churchmates who are like our second family. Even the kids enjoyed and played so much,by the start of the third week they will have to perform a Christmas song 'Silent Night' and so I have to train my daughter  as they will only have one Sunday to rehearse before they show off. But the sad note is that we are going to miss our beloved Pastors Hopkins because they will be going back to their homeland USA,for seven months which hopefully passes quickly for all of us.We're really satisfied with our church,we are fed foremost spiritually and second,physically also and helped in times of (prayer) needs.

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