Crystal Lewis on Harvest Ministries

December 04, 2011

I always deliberately choose to watch only positive message programs.Things that will fill my mind only with positive information as it is a vital choice on my part.Our mind is the greatest weapon and most treasured part of our life and we should be wary of what we allow into it.In my case, I make it a choice not to watch crime or violence-filled films,even programs that promote promiscuity,fornication or negative conduct like those shown in Desperate Housewives.I very seldom read tabloids or newspapers because I avoid negative news.Of course,it is inevitable to see unpleasant or ugly scenes sometimes and I admit I also watch musical or wholesome shows or as I mentioned in my previous post,I'm also drawn to gossip just because I like watching the latest in fashion or updates even in technology,and the lifestyles of the rich.But with music,I also deliberately changed my taste, I choose positive music which in most cases only Christian music can deliver.Who ever said that only secular chaotic godless rock concerts can offer entertainment and enjoyment?I only wish that the length of time on my digicam afforded me to record also the part where the enormous audience was shown,practically almost the entire stadium was filled (sorry, all I know is that the venue was in California) .Anyway this youth concert is an annual event by Harvest Ministries of Pastor Greg Laurie,and this is where the top Christian musicians are featured.I really love each concert and it overwhelms me everytime I wish more, younger people can appreciate clean and positive and empowering music. It really helps the mind and our outlook in life,even regular listening to it.

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