December 16, 2011

Due to transport strike today I canceled my lessons for today and the students were understanding enough to concede. So I'm dedicating this day to household chores, cleaning and later on I will press the mountain of clothes,thankfully my husband did the shopping and so there's one less task in my to-do list.  But even when I do things I always leave our TV tuned in to Christian channel and this particular program midnight cry captured my attention. Of beautiful, young people recognizing and acknowledging the caring and humble GOD. How could some people be apathetic about the Great Love of GOD ? The All-Powerful Almighty GOD Who created all things, HE gave HIS only Begotten  SON to die for us. How could some people ignore HIS Great Sacrifice ? Honestly, I didn't get it before 1983 when I entered into my personal relationship with the LORD Jesus. But since then, HE has always guided and ordered my life-steps and it has always been an upward climb for me and our family although the path has not been always easy.
But this Praise, is very beautiful both to GOD, to all the angels and saints in heaven and even to our own souls and spirit. If it matters in heaven and to GOD , how can some people spend much of their time in unimportant things ? I wonder.

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