Auchan Porta Di Roma:A Mall In Rome Italy

December 15, 2011

Shopping mode: Christmas is approaching and we already need to start shopping for gifts for our loved ones. As expected, the mall especially the kid's toys section of the Auchan supermarket where we went was full both of shoppers and people,young and old! Auchan is one of the more popular malls in Rome center because it is surrounded by many residential areas. It is accessible by bus also, but since its location is at Rome's Entry Point (Porta  Di Roma )  it serves as a major landmark between the vast and more isolated area and the beginning of the city. Parking spaces for private vehicles are standard, much like the kind of underground parking that they have in a US mall where one has to make a lot of twists and turns before he can find a convenient space and the next thing to do is try to remember  the exact spot where you parked. Finding parking space can be stressful especially on weekends when most people and families go out together. As it is, Auchan fairly a small shopping center with only three levels. But I realize that one of the universal things is the mall setting, where they sell formal things in an elegant sense and stimulate the buying mood of the customer by providing many different forms of entertainment like the music, the designs of the store, even the behaviour  or manner of the vendors, promotions, catchy  ads etc. On this shooping day we spent almost a hundred Euros just for gifts for 4 kids. I think for the adults, we will have to find a cheaper option. For me, a mall like Auchan is just another destination to enjoy and shop with our family especially, for this CHristmas season. 

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