Guru Creator:Matteo Cambi

September 06, 2009

Once in awhile we stumble upon stories that are not actually uncommon but nevertheless,remarkably haunting.Stories of people's experiences from which we may gather life lessons ..
Meet Matteo Cambi, the young designer/founder of Guru, a clothing/accessory line that caters to the younger generation, now also a recognized brand in Europe and some countries in Asia like Japan. He was born 32 years ago in Carpi Italy. He led a short-lived multi-millionaire lifestyle that started out in 1999 when he first registered his creation 'Guru' and it became a success shortly thereafter. He took advantage of the personal connections that he gained from hanging out often in the most prestigious venues or discotheques where the famous italian personalities and celebrities usually go. He started giving out his latest personal designs saying that they're limited edition thus, convincing the rich and famous people to wear his line. From then on, his business began to climb the ladder of financial success until he was able to buy his own private plane and helicopter,private yacht, buy the nicest cars like lamborghini,bentley,ferrari porsche, mercedes etc. , and live in many luxurious residences and villas.He also spent 2M for designer watches. He hired the best and highest paid photographer to do the commercial photography for Guru,paying Euros 1.2M just for 2 contracts.But almost as soon as he started accumulating such enviable amount of wealth,he also at the same time got entangled in the web of drug and cocaine addiction thus started the embezzlement of the company's funds.He would spend as much as Euros 10,000. euros for a single meal (obviously in the most extravagant restaurants and hotels) even if he hardly consumed anything, as he recounted when one's body is stuffed with drugs he would not feel hunger.On one interview he shared that his most recent unforgettable memory was when he saw an Ad of the latest model of Bentley;he was very anxious to get it immediately at all costs; after making numerous calls to many different car concessionaires he finally found the one that can deliver the car in the earliest possible time,which was the morning after that particular call. He decided right there and then to take his private plane and flew directly to Rome and practically waited outside the car concessionaire until its opening hours.
His financial heydays met their end around July of 2008, when he was arrrested and charged with a number of cases such as fraudulent bankruptcy,fictitious formation of stock corporation,illicit allocation of profits and stock reserves,undeserving restitution of stocks,false declaration of assets among others.
Now Matteo Cambi who has just been released from prison, claims to be recovering from his drug addiction and slowly regaining his ground in the fashion industry. No longer able to afford a financially extravagant lifestyle, he has just participated in a reality TV show 'Tribu' set in India. As it is,his (former) lifestyle might be what most of us have been dreaming of, and it is perfectly understandable and acceptable.But hopefully, his story drives upfront the lesson of GOD's teaching to us;although money in itself is not evil;The love of money, is. I Timothy 6:10

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