Italian Immigration

July 29, 2009

It has been sometime now that I've been collecting menu or italian recipe magazines because I've been trying to straighten out our eating habits. But I rarely have time to cook any of the recipes, 24 hours never seem to be enough to do all the chores a working mother needs to do for her family and beyond. All days tire me, all the new chores as a mother completely changed my lifestyle from a liberal person free to do whatever and whenever. It seems to be a lifestyle-shock for me.When I was single, I used to work and slEEp (eat some, also). Now, every minute is counted (and not even enough, if let's say I feel the need to rest for hours, I simply can't allow that as the rest of the domestic chores are staring at me waiting to be done). GOD, I pray that YOU strenghten me more, physically and spiritually and mentally.I thank my GOD Who is always beside me to uphold me otherwiseI would have collapsed under the pressures.  Thankfully, my very kind sister-inlaw 'borrowed' again my daughter for 3 days so to give me some breather. I also am due to have my italian citizenship, tomorrow I have to retrieve the official document from the immigration office. I don't know if there will be an oathtaking although 1 public official told me and another also told me that swearing will accompany this retrieval. Should I dress like in a ball? Should I be alone? Should I record on film this momentous occasion?

The italian government is not so systematic and that's also true even with beaurocracy. Most important offices do not function regularly, like the immigration office is open only during tuesdays and thursdays from 9 til 12 noon, and also most government offices  serve the public during the morning, or only for a limited time or a limited number of days.Outrageous.

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