The Happy Teachers

May 07, 2009

I have just arrived at work, already 15 minutes late because I had to stop at the post office to send my monthly remittance to my family in the Philippines.As soon as I arrived I quickly plunged myself at the swivel and logged in here to internet to check my blog and would like to thank some new 'friends' who cared to 'follow' this humble endeavour. I am currently also facing a window overlooking a professor at work in his class (most probably some sort of engineering review class as our office\language school is adjacent to another degree review center but then I'm not so familiar with the college educational system of Italy) . Fortunately Maria (teaching German\English) one of our language teachers and another French friend Laetithia are available that means some students have yet to arrive and I would still be free to scribble something in a rush. (They must be also murmuring at the other room against this unethical work practice but as it is, oblivion is my first and second name so I couldn't care less, although they're my nice friends) And so As it is, I am dreaming to have more guts one day to be able to face a whole class of (italians, at that) students. I used to have a chronic case of inferiority complex during my adolescent years and I Praise My GOD that HE Brought me through this phase in my life where (now) I also have the opportunity to face a (class) of four bonafide lawyers who work at the office of the University President (ROme 3 University in Via Ostiense), at the Law Faculty, so that gives me a sense of how far GOD has brought me in my personal life. Aside from the fact that we (language teachers) deal with high profile people ( businessmen, bank executives, italian parliament officers, media journalists and on and on..) on a daily basis. I also sent this morning a message to another media littlewig (not big-) cancelling our lesson for tomorrow since I have another appointment with the doctor for the analysis of all the tests I have done (blood, ultrasound and xray) I Praise GOD Again that all the tests resulted good.I'm healthy as a fish (they say here in italy- 'sano come un pesce') I don't know if there's a saying equivalent to that in American or english but the main thing is that GOD has blessed my family's health. HE is so good and merciful. To GOD Be the GLory.
I have to logout and pause at this point as I want to have my usual capuccino and croissant at the bar downstairs.

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