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One of the things that can never be explained or comprehended by any human being (besides the Truth of the Holy Trinity or TriUne GOD); is this single act by JESUS CHRIST, Who testified that we have a Loving FATHER WHO IS in heaven, WHO created all the universes,stars,planets including this beautiful earth we live in,with all the nature and animals of all species; HIS Life (on earth,33 1/2 years), Death and Resurrection.
The angels, spirits, the heavens where The FATHER,The SON and The HOLY SPIRIT dwell. Well, even if I don't see with my physical eyes heaven, or JESUS or the more spiritual things .  . . I know that many of us are in the same predicament or, mentality of  "to see is to believe" . 
Which explains why Faith is so beautiful, that our LORD JESUS CHRIST takes us by the hand and teaches us to believe the things which are not seen. Like our FATHER, Loving FATHER, All-Powerful GOD and Creator of all things. The heaven, HIS angels ever ready to help us,according …