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Mom The Less

This morning is the first morning I took my 2 yr old daughter out for a stroll, after almost a week. Being a fulltime mother I try to do the domestic chores and fulfill motherly duties like taking my little daughter out for fresh air and change of environment, a time constrained daily routine I live. But since we had the internet connection installed last week, my time and attention for her is gradually being diminished. Two days ago her mealtime is altered, I let her sleep until past 10 am so I can dabble with internet, knowing that her regular breakfast is 8am. Consequently I had to adjust also her lunch and snacktime and so on. These last few days she sleeps at 12 midnight when she should be sleeping at nine. A day has passed without me giving her snack (fresh apple,milk & biscuits blended together).As it is, I'm awed at her level of tolerance which I didnt discover until this situation crept in.In that she would play by herself, sing (with gestures) in words only she and her angels can understand.She would be at peace as long as we are physically near each other.She would pull out all her toys from the box and get in the box situated beside the computer(me). I'm fully aware of this my fault and know I have to correct it.
Another unpleasant result is that I tend to neglect tidying the house (not to mention the radiation I catch being infront of the computer and the red eyes) well, in this technofied world radiation is everywhere (maybe it's what makes the secular world go round-aside from money).

Meme tag from Russel

Twelve words meme: this meme is different because it is up to the player to write his/her own words and give his/her own interpretations of these words. Present 12 words that mean something and explain why:

1)GOD Lifter up of my head, my FATHERGOD Almighty
2) SON n/a
3) DAUGHTERS GOD’s tangible way of giving me things I never had,and love I ve never known
4) HUSBAND GOD’s grace
5) MOM,SIS, BRO – primary bloodline
6) FRIENDS GOD’s channel of love

7) BLOGGING/WRITING – very brain stimulating passion

8) COOKING/BAKING – to fill the stomach
9) PHOTOGRAPHY – visual document of beautiful memories
10) BLESSINGS – Gifts from God that starts to pour when you wake up each morning..
11) FELLOWSHIP privilege to worship
12) SIMPLY HAPPY GOD’s grace

~Start Copy~

This is another one of those Linky Love games where you only have to tag 10 persons in one post, but still there is no actual limit (you can tag more if you want!). Once tagged, you have to copy paste the link in this post, and make them grow! Do not delete any of the links and be honest to yourself!

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