The Issue of Pornography

September 07, 2008

Today on Jonis show of Daystar tv (a Christian channel broadcasting nearly worldwide FREE via DTH satellite) featured a very interesting topic of fighting pornography on the internet. Their main guest was Mr. Skip Matthews the founder of Integrityonline. is a free internet service from where you can download a program software that blocks pornosites from popping up on your screen. This service is very practical and helpful to busy parents with young kids, or even for adults who simply abhor the works of the devil. They also featured the powerful testimony of Shelley Lubben a former porno star (modern day Mary Magdalene) who got born again and is now helping the porno addicts and the other porno stars who either has gotten out of the pornobusiness or want to getout of it. Not only does integrity online offer free internet software but they also minister\help people struggling against pornography by giving them useful biblical references and spiritual and moral support. As it is the windows\gates of our soul and mind are eyes, ears mouth and nose. We have to guard what we allow our eyes to see or read, no violence or horror scenes or things that GOD despises. We have to be careful what we allow our ears to hear we should choose positive music those that convey good emotions like hope, faith and love (and not suicide thoughts, hopelessness, and sadness or chaos). We have to choose what we say or the words that come out of our mouth as our Lord Jesus said (Matt 15:18) it is not what goes in our mouth that defiles a man but what comes out of it, because words are things and they affect and shape our circumstances. Our nose should not sniff drugs or unlawful substances that ruin our mind and body (or temple as Jesus put it) that GOD has given us.

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