The Tree (that was)

September 10, 2008

Towards the end of winter, as per the ordinances of the Italian municipalities pertaining to environment upkeep, some environment workers (treecutters to be more precise) would come around to cut the high and wide spreading branches of trees. Last winter’s end they cut the branches of the tree in front of our kitchenwindow facing the garden, therefore allowing more light into our kitchen. Since then, this particular tree looked dead , pale colored trunk with the dry layers peeling off ugly, no leaves whatsoever. Then towards the start of summer I noticed small budding leaves, and each day saw the buds multiply a thousand times it seems and mature and the branches began sprouting forth in every direction and growing so that in a matter of time it’s returning to its old mighty self again. I realize that GOD is showing through this simple growth cycle of this tree that we should not judge basing on outward appearance. Like this tree that seemed dead and ugly, it was waiting for its time to bloom again. GOD’s timing. When we are praying for something, and nothing seems to change outwardly, remember that there are ‘internal’ or spiritual developments that our physical eyes cannot see. That just like a plant, the roots go deep down where we cannot see and eventually shoots upward its proud growth. When circumstances tell us that nothing is working and our prayers don’t seem to reach beyond the ceiling. Let us learn a lesson from this simple tree, (that was ‘dead’) We should not give up but, keep up. Wait on the LORD. This realization serves me who has been petitioning GOD for a financial breakthrough. Praise GOD.

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