International Christian Concern: Angels All Around

December 05, 2015

As it is CHRIST is the only One who claimed that,HIS followers would be persecuted for HIS Name's sake.And that not,to be afraid,that those who can kill the body cannot kill the soul (Matt. 10:28). Would you know beloved? JESUS CHRIST represents our FATHER Who IS in heaven. We are HIS children,only those who will decide to take HIS side, by heart conversion. Since satan cannot hurt or attack The FATHER, he hurts The FATHER by attacking HIS children. Our Lord JESUS CHRIST is the WORD of GOD that came to flesh (John 1:14 The WORD made Flesh and dwelt among us). The WORD of GOD is a two-edged Sword. The Written WORD of GOD or the Scriptures, and The Person of our Lord JESUS CHRIST Who is our all in all. (Time and space are not enough to expound on this,GOD's Sovereign Grace, Love and Mercy to us). If it's only upto satan he would annihilate any trace or evidence of GOD in my GOD's Own creations,and that is what all anti-semitism is all about and Christian persecution.These are all satan's attempts to eliminate GOD on earth, and rule the world on his own as he always dreamed (Isaiah 14:13-14).
There is a battle going-on on this earth.And it's not between men and satan, but between GOD and satan.It's a battle to win the hearts and minds of men. You don't have to fight this battle on your own. Our Almighty GOD has taken care of it for us HIS children, all we have to do is switch to HIS Gracious side by accepting the salvation which is wrapped in the death and resurrection of our Lord JESUS CHRIST, which is the ransom GOD paid to redeem us.Praise the LORD! This is not our battle, but the LORD's (2 Chron. 20:15) and would you know, GOD has HIS mighty and powerful angels that surround and protect them, who are HIS just like this fragile-looking man preaching openly and fearlessly amid these muslim crowd. It amazed me that no one dared to touch or harm him,but I can only explain by citing GOD's protection.
Thank YOU LORD ! There is no one like YOU ! YOU are Worthy of all Glory, Honor and praises.Let the Holy and Powerful Blood of our Lord JESUS CHRIST cover us continually, in JESUS' Name we ask and Thank YOU very much GOD-PAPA Amen!

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