I Can Only Imagine by Wynona Judd

January 02, 2015

I confess that no other song has touched my heart more than the meaning of this song,at least for this year. I imagine that every Christian shares the same sentiment, through all our  struggles, victories and failures, weaknesses and triumphs, highs and lows, ups and downs, pursuits and dreams, sometimes we tend to think that we are on our own. Life on its own is not easy, let alone, without GOD. This year, has seen so much storms in my personal life,that threatened the calm and peace that we need. Heavy storms, many storms, they were, as I look back now through the year that just crossed the timeline. I realize, we were carried through and delivered from all of them. He reached down to us with HIS healing, physical health,provisions, peace, grace, Great Mercy and Love. The Mighty Hand of my Merciful and Loving GOD reaching out to keep our family under HIS Protective Wings (I believe even at this moment as I write). There'd been so much difficulties and hurdles, and I know, in every evangelical Christian's walk with the Lord JESUS, too. we might have seen others without Christ, give up, but not us, true Christian soldiers.I and GOD, you and GOD, we and GOD, GOD is always with us HE knows all, but we don't.

Now, I can only look up to HIM, and dedicate the words of this song, Words that hit the core of our intimacy with our GOD, when we are through with all that this life has to offer, when we are standing right in front of its Author; how really, are we going to face The One with Whom each of us, has to do? Can our human eyes really stand the Glory that infinitely outshines the brightness of the sun? Or can our brains remain intact as to stimulate our lips to a song of praise? Can these physical bones retain enough strength to muster a dance for the LORD, whose Power alone fastened the mountains of the earth and flung the sun and stars to their places in the universes? The song clearly expresses the only essential thing there is to do, to forever worship HIM. Until then, I am firmly convinced , our Loving Heavenly FATHER will be never leave us nor forsake us. HIS solemn Promise, I Praise the LORD, even as I wish everyone reading this the fullness of GOD's blessings over your health, wealth and peace for this New Year 2015! 

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