MOntecarlo Circus in Rome Italy

March 30, 2012

Today Friday,our family went to see the Montecarlo Circus which was held a few blocks away from our place. After work my husband fetched me with his car at a point nearest to the Montecarlo Circus venue as it was starting at the time I was supposed to arrive home. We expected a lot of spectators or a long queue so we didn't want to lose seats. A Circus show like Montecarlo Circus is always a welcome break that perks up the day. We saw many very lovely Montecarlo Circus personalities dressed in brilliant and regal costumes,perform extra-ordinary acts.One thing I found out about this Montecarlo Circus is that it's very similar in many ways to the previous circus show that we saw last December 2011, in the sense that the performing artists also help in technical and menial activities like mounting cages,unrolling/rolling carpets,guiding the animals and some of the Montecarlo circus performers also entertained the public with acrobatic acts as well as songs. We all really enjoyed the MOntecarlo Circus here in Rome and I hope to see them again in the near future.If you are a tourist here in Rome and would like to see the Montecarlo Show which is about 30 minutes from the main Rome center. PLS CALL 347 3157404

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