The Maranatha Sanctuary Choir of Illinois USA Performing in Rome Italy

November 07, 2010

Worship Sunday. The first time we attended worship service in a long time.It has been a nice fellowship as we had a guest Choir The Maranatha Sanctuary from Illinois USA.We were so blessed with their repertoire which included 'We Will Remember'. In this world filled with negative issues, it is often difficult to find reasons to be thankful. 'We Will Remember' is both a challenge and a reminder. A challenge to confront or change the undesirable condition by voicing out your gratitude to our GOD. A reminder, that in spite of hardship or problem, there will always be blessings to thank HIM for like your health, the love of your family, the free air that we breathe,your job or even the strength to do your job, all the natural provisions from GOD and so on, and so forth.I thank GOD for this worship Sunday and for all the tomorrows yet to be blessed again.PRAISE GOD.

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