April 27, 2010

These past few days I haven't been able to post anything due to lack of ideas.It's really a shame considering the host of information available everywhere,in the media, on the internet, in public places etc. And the other important thing I'm considering is shifting jobs. The teaching job which I have now is also very good in the sense that it's very flexible to my needs as a mother.For me it's also stimulating to be able to travel around Rome regularly, especially because admittedly Rome is infinitely a beautiful place to explore (85% percent of teaching is done in private or outside the school premises, like companies or private homes). So I really enjoy the sights from the bus. There were even times that I've been tempted to getoff and take photos,if only I have enough time . ..The other good consideration in this job is that I get to be in contact with many highly professional people or students. The job is really stimulating on one end,very light. And you have no boss that monitors behind your back or orders you anything. My main concern is that I lose so much time in travelling.I usually have to travel a total of 4 hours for a lesson of 2 hrs. As it is,time is gold. At the moment I'm considering some good options,but I'm still committed to this job because the students have already paid for the entire course duration 20 hours or, until mid-May. May GOD go before me always,in my careerpathing.

Let me share the stories of my students, as they're really inspiring.

Engineer CT                          I call him Engineer although he finished what we can consider a vocational technical course, he landed a good job in building technical maintenance where he worked for a short six months, and then he tried selling fruits in the marketstand of his then-future mother-inlaw.Eventually he was employed in Rome airport which also consequently opened the door to his job now with the international company that manufactures heavy transportation vehicles like ships, trains and airplanes. Not only is he the second man in all the technical operations of his sector but he is now also being requested in the financial division which can pave a way for him to come in direct contact with government elites like the Italian Minister of Transportation and the like.But the beauty of it all is not in all the good breaks that GOD is raining on him,but it's in his heart. He confessed that he wrote a gratitude letter to his former technical school and professor for the knowledge that they imparted to him.And he is also planning to pay back by recruiting the students of that school to his company. As a person he is humble and of tender heart and always smiling and extrovert. He is a MAtt Damon look-alike. May GOD continually seal HIS Blessings in his career and his family in the Blood of our LORD JESUS.Amen.

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